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Any units out there looking for CVs...?
When I started this strand yesterday, I wasn't actually thinking of BAJR starting up it's CV service again. I remember the previous service and largely agree with Peter's 'minus point' comments. I particularly remember the posted CV of one person I had worked with that bore no relation to reality.....

What I was thinking of was a short-term scheme where employers posted a request somewhere on BAJR asking for archaeologists to forward CVs and maybe underlined with a promise that they would keep them on file for 3 months or so. It doesn't create jobs, but it could help in the medium term to get people back to work.

I realise there is nothing to stop anyone sending off a CV to anyone they like. I just thought that in this difficult time it might give archaeologists who are looking for work a little bit of hope that at least they have some (prospective) irons in the fire. And that it kept the profile of BAJR up when there are very few 'real job' adverts being posted. Doesn't do your DSS profile any harm either to demonstrate that you are looking for work.

So that was it. Not a grand scheme, more a small gesture. (And I would still be willing to make a financial donation to offset the BAJR costs....)

Some very good and valid points aired on this thread, the claims made on CVs are often far from the truth and a Skills Passport scheme may be a way out of this. However such a scheme may be very difficult to validate. . . . . . . .
agreed to all of Dr P's points.. and that was the trouble... trying to keep on top of 500 plus people.. was just too much for me

The skills passport would tie into the IfA CPD stuff and not be self validating... but tied to a signed off skill

BAJR... like eveyone is going to be hit hard.. already tightening belt.. but hey.. with luck the BAJR Federation will support the little guy!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Perhaps what is needed is a list some where on BAJR-a list that people who are unemployed can add their names to,what area/town they are, and a contact number or e mail address. Then it can be up to the individual to delete their details if and when they are no longer available-i e they've got work again.
Is something like this feasible? at the least it would be a measure of how many folks are losing their jobs.
I know it seems like it would benefit bosses more,but it's the bosses who do the hiring-and if they access the list they can find out how many people are looking for work in their own area and then contact them,and if need be asking for more details.

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