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Xmas pressies and new year resolutions
I probably made some resolutions after midnight in the Tap and Spile, but as i,ve got a gap in my memory between 12.05ish (in the pub) and 07.30 (slumped in my armchair at home) I've totally forgot what they were[xx(]
I got away with it this year, no Time Team Annuals or big glossy coffee table books. The only archaeology-related pressie was some muscle relaxing bath stuff - ideal for a nice long soak at the end of the day! Obviously this plan fails if my accommodation only has a shower......

Not sure if they count as archaeology-related but I also got two bottles of tawny port and a bottle of cognac.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by the invisible man

Not sure if they count as archaeology-related but I also got two bottles of tawny port and a bottle of cognac.

Most definitelyBig Grin

I didn't get anything archaeology related... got Hancock on DVD and a chess set amongst other bits.

Although... I did get some thermal socks:face-approve:

As for resolutions.... get a job, get fit and do a mastersWink

'There is no great genius without some touch of madness'... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

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