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Xmas pressies and new year resolutions
Been wondering what everyone got for chrissy... did you get that shiny new WHS trowel you've always wanted? Got some new bubbles for your line-level?

I think I got the ultimate archaeologist present from my partner... a signed, first edition "Still Digging" by Sir Mortimer Wheeler! really thrilled with it (and apparently she got it for next to nothing). Yay

Onto new years resolutions? I'm still thinking of mine... what's yours?
\"I hope one day chickens will be able to cross the road without having their motives questioned\" Anon
Nice one!

One year my wife gave me a signed proof copy of Pitt Rivers Excavations on Cranbourne Chase!

1) some handy folding presents
2) hang onto my job.

Happy New Year brethren and sistren.

A Coffee machine (a real good one)
Make BAJR Federation work

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Lots of cool stuff and nothing i didn't want or would give away, as for a New Year resolutions there allways some sites i've wanted to look at so am going to try and set up a community project to slave for me
I got a Christmas card from everyone at PAS. :-)

New Years resolution is to keep the pressure on.
To further bring about change in the archaeological world and detecting world of the benefits of metal detecting and recording finds. To spread the message that heritage belongs to everyone and not a select few!

Website for responsible Metal Detecting
Recording Our Heritage For Future Generations.

I thought my Mum had bought me all the Time Team merch in existence last Xmas. Wrong again. *sigh*
A new job that gets me a little bit further through the recession.Big Grin
I resolve to be less contentious and stop burning bridges over silly issues like archaeological ethics or standards.B)
[:I]Am on the verge of coming to that conclusion myself!!! But just cant seem to stop myself.......

Had a visit from Chemin D'Fer. He brought some proper tea bags (Typhoo - the ones here are just awful) and some chemical death (2 litres of Iron Bru and 2 of Tizer). In return he had a proper Bavarian dinner - boiled ham and pease pudding - oh how we laughed.

New Years resolution? Drink more beer and eat more meat and salt

Just give me a cold Becks

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