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Munsell Charts
What about if someone leaves it open in the sun and the colours fade? And someone's 'mid sandy brown' is someone else's 'burnt sienna'?
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Shouldn't that be the new BAJR Bard?-though I bet Rachelintheoffice could knock him of his perch:face-approve:
I thought Humbrol had gone bust - what you want is Games Workshop Warhammer paint colours - snot green, bleached bone, not sure how many skulls we get out the ground are actually Skull white though!! And some of them come in spray cans so you can make sure that your section and the colour chart are truly compatible!:face-huh:
Digitaldigging's quote: Why not use this wonderful platform to build and agree on an open standards soil colour chart ?
this is a great idea.......... but the cost is always prohibitive !
I think the use of munsells fell out of favour with the increase of pressure to do sites quicker, they are okay if you have time to use them but (personally speaking) there has been times on sites when i've been handed a stack of context sheets to be filled in and asked to do them as fast as I can-such pressure does not leave you much time to spend on each sheet:face-huh:
Surely perception of colour is an individual trait as well though? Many men are properly colourblind and wouldn't be able to use them at all. I have slightly different colour perception in each eye - it's not much, but enough to throw off a Munsell description occaisionally. When you add variables mentioned earlier in this thread like sunlight & cloud cover, soil moisture content, the fact that your Munsell Chart might have faded slightly etc., the whole "scientific approach-ness" of using a colour chart in the first place goes out the window. I thought this was why they'd been given up on. Far better to give a proper soil description as how you personally see it when it's dug.
Is there a potential for a simpler soil colour chart... light brown mid brown dark brown yellow yellow brown orange brown... that sort fo thing?

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I remember working for a unit in which the words "orange" and/or "orangey" were banned... no such thing apparently! The powers that be at the unit also didn't like the term "reddish" but allowed it on the basis that there wasn't an orange!

As for "German Army Panzer Kampfwagen VI Tiger I, Normandy, June 1944 ochre"... maybe a bit too in-depth for me
So basically they were banning you from making a potential interpretation of the evidence in front of you on site? Ridiculous. I guess this wasn't a London/South East unit. The brickearth's often bright orange down here. So is the iron-stained natural gravel.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Curator Kid

Many men are properly colourblind and wouldn't be able to use them at all.

The obvious comments are just too easy.....Big Grin


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