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Heritage Protection Bill Dropped
the Archaeology Forum reply

3 December 2008

• The Archaeology Forum is disappointed that the Heritage Protection Bill is not included in the Queen’s Speech, as it provides a much-needed, comprehensive package of reforms.

• The Forum is delighted to hear that a new draft Planning Policy Statement (PPS) for the historic environment for England will be released early next year and that work will start in Wales later in the year. These commitments are as it is through the planning system that some 98% of the historic environment is protected. By improving the way in which heritage is handled by the planning process, we can streamline development while improving protection and increasing public involvement in and benefit from the work of the heritage sector.

• A well-drafted integration and improvement of the present Planning Policy Guidance notes 15 and 16 will better protect the historic environment and ease the path to economic recovery. TAF members are committed to helping government get the policy right.

• Local authority Historic Environment services are key to the success of the PPS and HPR. We look to government to work with the sector to ensure that every authority has access to an appropriately resourced Historic Environment Record and supporting Service.

About the Forum: The Archaeology Forum (TAF) is a grouping of the key, non-governmental organisations concerned with archaeology in the UK. Its members include the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers UK, the Council for British Archaeology, the Institute of Conservation, the Institute for Archaeologists, the National Trust, the National Trust for Scotland, Rescue, the Society of Antiquaries of London, the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, the Standing Conference of Archaeological Unit Managers, and the Society of Museum Archaeologists UK.

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