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Archaeology Lay-Offs
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Dirty Dave Lincoln

But which one of us would be Indi? could be a fun topic drawing up a cast list.:face-huh:

I reckon there might be a few candidates in British academia for the role of Marcus! [:o)]
"Marcush?!, but he got losht in hizsh own musheum!

Don't think Sir Sean ever says this in the Last Crushade but kept me and a mate thoroughly entertained a few years back digging in Italy; the Italians weren't that impressed as I remember...lost in translation maybe Sad

I've definitely got a couple shady characters in mind for Belloq! Smile
Don't ever, EVER tell him it was me that said this, but Dr. Kevin Leahy, late of North Lincolnshire Museum and shortly appearing at a Portable Antiquities session near you, is a dead ringer for Indiana Jones' dad...
How much is it worth not to tell?:face-huh: though if he looks at BAJR we wont need to.

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