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Hell....on the Eastern Front
When it had warmed up slightly and the E-tool actually did bite sometimes it would stick. On getting the point out of the ground I sometimes found that that the fill had sheared off at the interface with the lower fill quite to empty a posthole in one swoop.

T'was deemed too cold for digging today so I spent my time drinking ice cold beer and watching the videos on here. Thanks BAJR!

Just give me a cold Becks
#12's still cold outside ,,,,,,,.is everyone in the office ....or signing on?'s all gonevery quiet
We had two snow days the other week. First time in my career. Normally cause to celebrate, but I'm self-employed so no work-no pay. Boo...
On one site when we started to get buried in snow we told the supervisor that it was a tradition for everyone to take on the boss in a snowball fight-but it just became a free for all when he promoted a couple of folks to even up the numbers!}Smile
Winter of 85! damn... that brings back memories!!! my toes went a strange shade! Doctors was sure it was start of frostbite Smile Damn it was cold!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Well I am sh*fted good and proper. Despite having 3 live projects (including one that is looking like a Jewish medieval cemetary...never dug one of them before), due to the fact that the ground has not improved since I started this post, I am not to report back to work until January 10th. Sod Christmas, I need to pay the rent.

Someone remind me...just what does this "oldest profession" thing that I hear about entail? :-(

Just give me a cold Becks
looks like you are already half way there...

bad news Bier!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
cf relevent episode of Black Adder[:0]
The winter of 85/86 was bad, but I have worse memories of 81/82, when the site I was digging on in the Briggait in Glasgow was frozen solid for two months, and we were burning the office furniture to keep warm, and, errrm, because it was fun. [:I] On the worst day the temperatures didn't rise above -19C, and I got icicles in my moustache. Happy days...

Sorry to hear about your problems, Bier, and I hope the thaw comes soon.

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