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Steep Stanes.. Brewing
There was a substantial wooden trough found in association with a burnt mound in the Gwent Level in 2006. I seem to recall that it dated through dendrochronology to the early Bronze Age. I'm not sure why sauna seems like an odd conclusion; you get very similar deposits to burnt mounds forming at the back of traditional Scandanavian summer houses, they chuck out the cold stones.
I was speaking some gadgey on the Beacons pipeline last year. can't remember the details but this guy reckoned he had just excavated a burnt mound with a trough/canoe preserved underneath. Maybe someone knows the exact details?

Just give me a cold Becks
That's the one.
Not exactly under a burnt mound, more like next to it. And I can't really buy the canoe interpretation; they weren't leprechauns in the Bronze Age. I seem to remember its about 2m long. I can't seem to find anything on t'internet yet, forthcoming in a monograph I should think.

you could use a dugout canoe to make booze in though, gives you something to trade if you can't find any fish...

Somewhat off topic, here, Hosty. Blame Fishslice[:o)]
There was a very large burnt mound with an associated wooden trough found near Milford Haven. It will (I'm sure) be dealt with in the reports/monographs when they come out. This particular burnt mound also had what appeared to be a hearth associated with the wooden object and buried under some of the deposits of burnt stone. The excavation and removal of the wooden object was covered extensively in the Welsh media.

It was by no means the only burnt mound found and excavated on that or the other pipeline which was undertaken in South/mid Wales to the Midlands of England at the time. Each was excavated and many had associated troughs, mostly cut into the clay. One site had a number (I'm remembering 8?) of burnt mounds adjacent to each other.

I'm not going to be drawn on my thought on what they are. I have to admit, however, that some of the ones on those two pipelines did move me away from my usual reply to the question, which was 'bloody boring....'. Big Grin
.. off topic... but damn interesting...

thanks to all... keep it coming..!

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Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
With a recession we could all end up brewing our own drinks[xx(]
Don't say that mate...the bathplugs will find a way to tax us on that. In fact, if these burnt mounds and troughs are to do with brewing, could we expect some bean counter to come up with a gee-whizz idea idea to try and tax the ancient Britons for brewing some sort of of beer or hooch?

Could happen. Or maybe I have just drank too much coffee today

(sorry if this is a bit off topic Herr Hostmeister Big Grin)

Just give me a cold Becks
retrospective taxation! yipe... Give unto Ceasar etc!!!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
But would it still be taxable if we did the brewing using various ancient methods as a theoretical archaeological study?:face-huh:
To see which method was the most effective that is-the alcohol produced would be just a by-product of researchWink

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