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Steep Stanes.. Brewing
Has anyone heard anything about such things..

Steep stanes.. stone troughs at the base of backlots for brewing??

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647

or is this too britarchian?

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Or possibly not written in English Mr McHosty?

"Steep" - as in "to soak" rather than as in a steep hill

Stanes - stones, presumably some form of large stone trough.

Now are there any thoughts?
Smile d'ya mean a clootie stane?

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Now you're just making things up!

There aren't any stones involved as far as I can tell.
curses... found me out!

but intersting to see these features and items which we know so little about...

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Dec Moore and Billy Quinn from Galway Irelandshire have suggested that fulachta fiadh (or burnt mounds) could have been used in the brewing process.

While largely from a prehistoric perspective, their blog contains some useful info on the use of hot stones added to troughs of water and mashed barley as part of the brewing process.

They also had an article in a recent Archaeology Ireland (Winter 2007?).

More information on Ireland before brewing can be found at
Billy and Dec's most excellent brewing adventure can be viewed here - (top of page)
Great positive diversion from t'other threads at the moment. Archaeology of alcohol - might do that PhD if laid off...

Seriously, anybody else stuck with an enigmatic burnt mound site? What can you add to the mix? They do seem to be a Neolithic thing as well as the oft-cited Bronze Age placing.

There's a good article in Wikipedia - which points out that burnt mounds are often found adjacent to troughs, leading to the supposition that they are the product of periodic clearing out.
It then goes on about the possibility that they were an early sauna. I'm not entirely sure why, but I find this an odd conclusion to leap to. I much prefer Billy and Dec's suggestion. Thing is, even if they're completely wrong too, then at least they're completely pissed too.

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