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Decent Gloves for site?
hey, After working a lovely clay site with poor drainage with a nice windchill, ive decided the throwaway gloves you get from Jewsons etc are no good, namely because the water gets in straight away!

Ive tried various "waterproof" gloves from the likes of millets but the problem ive found is that they weren't constructed with lots of mud inmind.

Therefore ive come to Bajr to ask if anyone has any recommendations on any good waterproof gloves (i dont mind investing in a good pair that will last, just fed up of false economy throwaway ones) that will withstand the mud and abuse us diggers give them. any that allow delicate work such as writing and drawing would earn extra points


<center>Use your archaeological imagination</center>
Use your archaeological imagination
I can't remember the brand, but try a decent garden centre. They are usually about 15-20 quid, and as designed for gardners are both waterproof, sturdy...... and suited to mud! For extra waterproofness I recommend buying a size too small.
have you asked your employer to provide adequate PPE for the site?! I guess we all know what the response will be, but if the gloves are not suitable, then they can at least look in their catalogues for suitable alternatives. I know from experience that they won't be regarding the gloves you describe as 'disposable', and won't want to be endlessly restocking with them. Suggest an alternative, quality does equipment budgets will be getting squeezed at the moment, but it IS cheaper to get decent gear, as long as people look after it.
You can get rubberised waterproof gloves that will keep your hands dry, although they are a bit cumbersome for writing and smell worse than wet permatrace and can get rather sweaty.
Using latex or similar medical gloves will keep your hands dry (and warmer), and they are disposable so it doesn't matter when the fingers go through. Wear them under normal well-fitting work gloves if its hard graft or extra cold/wet.
One of the main issues is also sizing, especially as a lot of the more sturdy work gloves are made for larger hands only! You do unfortunately have to have different gloves for different tasks -try using an EDM with elbow length rubber gauntlets!
Neoprene gloves are also an alternative- Sealskins are the most popular brand. They are used by anglers for winter fishing. They won't necessarily be perfectly dry, but act like a wetsuit and keep the moisture in contact with your skin warm.
I find the old style basic Sealskin gloves really cold though, although apparently they have better types know. I used to wear them on site, but my hands were freezing, and I don't get 'really' cold hands normally. They are very waterproof though, apart from the big hole at the end.

Sealskinz socks on the other hand are brilliant, especially the Merino lined ones but use with a liner sock if you get cold feet, £25 mind...
I use these red rubberised ones with fingerless woolen gloves beneath (that way I can take off the 'over glove' and still keep my hands warm, if I have to change task.. like taking levels...

Would be interested to see some links to seriously decent gloves/other comfortable workware...

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Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
As he says, it's PPE and you shouldn't be buying it yourself. Thermal liners under industrial (nitrile or PVC) are usually about as good as it gets. long cuffs are crucial, or the heat goes through your wrists. You take the rubber gloves off to write/draw. Thermal glove liners £5-10, industrial gloves anywhere up to £10, but probably about 50p a pair to a unit at wholesale.
Sealskinz have been talked about alot during the winter months at whatever unit ive worked with at the time, the general consensus is that they dont stand up to the abuse we give them with all the mud and wear and tear, although ive not actually used them myself so cant give a first hand report. I remember my first winter and one of the old MSC guys used to use marigolds under the standard Jewsons/HSS £3 pairs, worked well but he always had hands as wrinkly as an old ladies at the end of the day!

A marine arch friend suggested using a pair of old neoprene 3mm diving gloves (as said about above) so might have to give that a go.

Was thinking about Goretex gloves but upon further thought if they get coated in mud it would have a negative effect on the gortex fabric.

In terms of unit PPE, ive always found gloves a weird point, some units havent supplied them, expecting you to buy your own (it seems in my experience units provide vis vests, hard hats, vis coats and boots/cash towards boots). this unit is very good in terms of PPE but without a good cost vs wear option first i dont see the point of asking of an alternative yet.

<center>Use your archaeological imagination</center>
It should be PPE. If you work on any Main Contractor Group sites you'll be lucky to not have to wear gloves when you're wiping your....

Ask your unit about the gloves. They are PPE, same as sunblock, goggles, waterproofd, safety specs, wellies if you're in water, barrier cream, earplugs and eardefenders.... If you get no joy, go to your union rep. There may be an agreement about what you are provided with, and what you have to provide, especially if you get a clothing allowance. But gloves should be provided and fit for the job. Of course if you want to upgrade then that's your shout.

The rubberised ones work and don't cost too much in bulk, get your unit to look them up in their supplies catalogue. Its simple, one pair of trashed gloves per digger per day, or one pair slightly dearer every three weeks.
My contribution to this thread is to recommend Blåklader gloves which are easily available in Scandinavia,..... but for youse I have even found a UK supplier.

(You m ight have to go to the bottom of the page and click on the Blåklader item)

Pricey, maybe, but designed for wet and cold northern climes.

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