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Daily Mail - Guide to archaeology
Which is why BAJR is such a lovely reasonable advertiser Smile

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
An environmental colleague of mine recently contacted the Guardian about a quarter page ad in black and white. For one week in the paper and on their web site I think it was £6000. They got four replies. They placed a considerably cheaper ad in the New Scientist and got swamped with replies. It just demonstrates the power of a 'specialist' resource. Big cheer for BAJR
I was listening to a discussion on Radio 5 live very early this morning about newspapers and declining advertising revenues. I think the estimate was 15% in the past 5 years. Of course the internet is to blame.....I think the 'Grauniad's' advert rates may have something to do with it as well.

Worringly Rupert Murdoch has suggested that his future profits are going to come from non-newspaper areas, so I guess BAJR needs to watch out for a hostile takeover by the man once titled(perhaps appropriately) the 'Dirty Digger'.......
krrrrzzzzzzzzchh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we interpupt this forum/..,mmmxmxcz to// dasd asda##~~~~~~~~~~ let you know that Dig Brother is now '@@@@@@@@@@ in as#sdasdas CONTROL...d asd as d

BAJR has been taken to a place of Reading and executed Smile

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Wierder and wierder.....talking of death and Reading, did you know that the guy executed at Reading Gaol and commemorated in Wilde's 'Ballad of Reading Gaol' was a relative of mine....

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