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Scottish Cemetery Kolkata - weblog
Its a shame about the theft of headstones,but unless local criminals attitudes are changed or the boundaries secured better I fear it will only continue.
Is that something a Roman from Lincoln said circa 475 AD

Can anybody pin point the location of this cemetery, I can find Park street but not which cemetery, out of what looks like four or five, is scottish, Have areas of the original cemetery already been built over?
Unit-do you mean in Lincoln? if so St.Swithuns is at the corner of Free School Lane and Saltergate.
Tom came down with a bad bout of Calcut gut (it was the hooghly halibut..) and departed for bed. In his absence work at site dramatically increased in pace …......

read more here:

Quote:quote:the Times of India descended upon the team for an interviewed piece - a curiously posed photograph of the entire team recording a single headstone may make the Sub-continental media on the morrow….

Quote:quote:The Governor, who is a grandson of the Mahatma, is held in great respect and affection in West Bengal. The conversation was relaxed and ranged over all the heritage issues of Calcutta, The role and history of the Royal Commission on the Ancient Monuments of Scotland and the ambition to provide skills training through the Scottish Cemetery project

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Rats snakes and crows in the centre of a city, either it wouldn’t be tolerated here or it would be a site of special scientific interest. It sounds like they should have some ecologists in the survey. Churchyards are often unique wildlife refuges heres an example

Whats also funny about the ancaster site is that it is a Victorian municipal site but was unfortunately positioned over a Roman cemetery. If you go to the site you will find stone sarcophagi which have been dug up to accommodate new graves abound in the brambles around the site

I imagine that the Calcutta cemetery was initially established outside of the town and might have some remnant flora and fauna from that area? Have they considered an action plan
which ones the archaeologist?

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