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Whos digging what?
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Paul Belford

This week we have found a new, previously unknown, hill fort. Or at least a hill-top enclosure.

Last week I was exploring priest holes in a 16th century house.

I originally read that as 'hose' and was v impressed they'd lasted that long!
Not just Gordy, but George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton as well, a bad choice of words... Unfortunately better than anything I could think of last night.

Back on topic, another problem is the post-ex publication backlog growing as the clients who had the excavations done pull the funding for the writing up (or even go bust). I've now got three publications in limbo as the clients can't/won't/haven't paid up. Tricky.
Once the work picks up again a lot of units are going to find their back log of postex is going to get worse-after all,if some units coudn't get rid of their backlog before they had to lay most of their staff off how will they manage once the work starts to roll in and their number of ongoing projects increases?

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