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Reburial of human remains from Avebury
Heres a thought- are they actually proposing to pay for the reburials themselves, or that the archaeologists who dug them up do so?
Think you need to contact these people about that:

I rather suspect that anything other than straight forward reburial will be expected to be paid for by the violators and they supply the drumming and patchouli.

ed. that spelling thing
Just as an incentive to people, after filling it in I got a very nice postcard thanking me. Smile

I thought it was about time that the authentic Council of British Druid Orders (CoBDO), which includes members of PF and OBOD, had our say.

We are NOT the small group, usually referred to as false cobdo, who initiated the Avebury Reburial Consultation, via our one time reburial officer, a Mr. Paul Davies, who left us on 2/12/06.

We, are the not-for-profit umbrella organisation, of 21 druid orders and several thousand members, throughout the British Isles, who perform public ceremonies at the major henges, etc. Also, "Council of British Druid Orders(CoBDO)", is a registered trademark, and our IP Rights protected name, which Mr.Davies and his small group had, and have, no right whatsoever, to use. (See

We emphatically DO NOT support them over the DNA issue, as we state in our "Official Council of British Druid Orders Response to the Avebury Reburial Consultation Process---plus Addendum" document, which is provisionally set to appear on the English Heritage website, in a couple of months time.

We support the pagan/druidic cultural connections, etc.

If anyone would like to see our paper, and its other differnces from the original false submission in our name, about which we knew absolutely nothing until just recently, then I will ask EH/NT if they mind it being distributed to interested parties beforehand.

Cheers All!
Happy Imbolg!
What about the Peoples Front of Druidic Orders of Britain?
Wasn't there an Enlightenment at some point in the last few hundred years? Perhaps some people weren't paying attention!
What's "Imbolg"?
Imbolg is the Irish gaelic equivalent of the Brythonic welsh Imbolc, which in non-pagan christian times, later became Candlemass.

Follow the gourd!
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Curator Kid

What's "Imbolg"?

Yeah, I can sign in again! (Don't worry hosty, I'm pretty sure the proble was at my end after I did a bit of IT spring cleaning)

Imbolg (pronounced something closer to "imelk") is a rather mysterious Old Irish holiday first referred to in the Tain (Cattle Raid of Cooley) when the culture hero Cuchulainn is given until "imbolg, when the lambs are born" to get something done.

It falls during current Candlemas/St Bridgit's Day ie Feb 2. It was postulated for a while that the etymology had something to do with lactation and is often translated as "the lactation of the ewes" but I think that's pretty much out of favour at the moment in linguistic circles. Currently, I believe thinking leans a bit more towards ideas of purification in line with the word February itself.

Anyway, in neo-paganism Imbolg is very much a festival of light associated with Brigit as a goddess and keeper of an eternal flame (based on the eternal flame at Brigit's monastery in Kildare as well as the etymology of her name). I notice that elements from Scandinavia's St Lucia celebrations are creeping in at a steady rate too.

If you really, really wanted I could go assemble a proper bibliography rather than my waffleWink

Nah don't bother. I prefer off the cuff waffle to well researched waffle anyday.

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