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Scottish Iron Age seminar
We are holding a Scottish Iron Age seminar (Scottish Iron Age Matters) in Orkney College UHI in Kirkwall on 17th-19th October 2008. The overall aim of the seminar is to present and discuss recent and ongoing research on the Scottish Iron Age, specifically examining research from all of the Scottish regions and asking the broad question of how those regional differences or similarities may allow us to formulate a distinctive Scottish Iron Age.

It is hoped that the event will contribute towards on-going discussions of Scottish regional and national research priorities and the establishment/implementation of Iron Age research agendas. To this end it is hoped the seminar will attract broad attendance from the profession, including academic, field unit-based, museums archaeologists and local and national government bodies.

The timetable for the seminar is as follows:-

Friday 17th October
All day: 20-minute papers presenting research from the Scottish regions.

Saturday 18th October
Morning: continuation of papers.
Afternoon: workshops to discuss issues raised during the sessions, arranged into a series of thematic sessions: Materiality, Identity, Dwelling & Landscapes, and Regionality.

Sunday 19th October
Field trip to visit a range of the many well-preserved Iron Age sites around mainland Orkney.

Please find attached a registration form. We do not intend to charge a fee for attendance at the seminar, however if you do wish to attend please be aware that places are limited. As well as those involved in research of the Iron Age of Scotland and Britain, we would be keen to welcome non-Iron Age researchers with a particular interest in any of the themes noted above, to offer alternative perspectives.

With kind regards

The Organisers
Martin Carruthers, Amanda Brend, James Moore

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647

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