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unit database idea
I've worked for a load of units over the years -all with slightly different recording systems, ways of digging sites, pay and holiday regs and ways of interpreting people's jobs. Moving from one unit to another can often involve learning new systems, conventions, and, god forbid, having to use a levels register.

I'd be interested in seeing a UK wide database of what systems which units use, and what their standard methodologies are. This could include pay rates, pension, holiday/sick, driving time etc, and what different grades of employee are expected to do -a Supervisor for one unit is a Field Officer for another, what fields would be of interest? The Digger used to do an unofficial survey of a unit every issue, could be like that but more definitive?

I don't know if this info exists within BAJR or not, but maybe a couple of hundred non-judgemental words on every unit, maybe submitted and checked by the unit themselves -anyone think it could be a useful resource to find out what different units are like and how they operate?

What do you all reckon?


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unit database idea - by chiz - 11th September 2008, 06:14 PM

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