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unit database idea
Apologies to anyone who may have wondered why the OutWage site has not been updated recently. Excuses I don't have a steady deskjob at the happen to be out of range of the internet for a lot of my time at the don't have a lot of am out of the UK for most of the year...etc etc.

However, like David and his continuing work on the BAJR site, I am in the process of rethinking the OutWage concept to make something equally useful, but simpler for me to manage. I will let everyone know when that happens. I still collect archaeological wage data, it's just the presentation side that's getting me bogged down at present. (It would make my life so much simpler if everyone in UK archaeology was happy to be job-titled simply as 'archaeologist' and everyone was paid the same!!)
thanks Kevin, as I said, I had checked out your site, and liked it, fully understand why it is out of date -its a huge amount of work for one person, and yes the different names for grades is a nightmare. The presentation of the data is obviously critical to being able to usefully use it, and is even more work. Having spent some time trying to sort my own website out I am fully aware of the work involved. BAJR may be in a better place as it has more clout to get people to send in the details?

I suppose the main thing is that all the information is out there, and the work collating it isn't duplicated. I'll wait and see what the BAJR concept is, but do I hope it combines all the info a prospective employee would like to know, including pay and conditions - and what all those grades actually mean! If not then an external website like yours with a different slant could maybe carry that
Am working on it just now... Smile and I will be contacting everyone individually... which is what works.. (can I be the only person that has worked that one out ?)

Now Kevin.. I am actually quite interested in offering a helping paw... I think Outwage is very important - and would be very happy to help create a section which you can work with that suits your .. er.. special needs.. but remains totally in your control.

The work involved as bob says is huge.. and hard work and very very time consuming (hence it takes over my life.. and why I have made BAJR my main work. grades and names (which is why I don't care what people are called.. it is what you do) disclosure of info... updates, etc.. but the template is ready.. and it may take about 2-3 months for full implementation... which is part of why BAJR works.. because a lot of people help..and care enough.. like Kevin for example.. to put in that work. we can and should share and help each other for the goals that we all agree on.. and that means from Contracting Unit to raw Digger.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

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