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Archaeology and India
Hi there!
Over a meal with an Indian friend of mine, we got onto the subject of how archaeology is organised and managed in India. I've promised to look into it for him. I've had a look at the Indian govt and Archaeological Survey of India websites, but I was wondering if any of you had first-hand accounts of what it's really like working or researching there.
Any takers?
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I visited Hampi during a trip to India over christmas. The Archaeological Survey were carrying out restoration work on a few of the many temples there. I didn't get chance to speak to anyone or take part, but just to watch was interesting. The women wear plastic hard hats with moulded rings on the top that allows them to carry the buckets of spoil away. Work pace was slow (no surprise there!). They were excavating down to reveal/clean back to the foundations and were working stone (I'm not sure if that's reworking, or had new stone brought in) to restore damaged and collapsed parts.

I'll have a word with my other half to see if I can dig up a few pictures he took from whereever they are - and jog my memory a bit more. Also, a couple of my lecturers specialise in Indian archaeology (amongst many other things) and I have their emails. Let me know if you're interested.
~ Pip

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