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Troll applies to join the IFA
Now start the campaign to get council tax raised by £1 for everyone to pay for more development control and HER staff.
I completely agree.It goes without saying that a complete re-appraisal of the ability of Council staff to fulfill their obligations is way overdue.Resources, funding and moreover, a clear mandate. I have to admit that I have a few problems understanding the fuller picture here.Tiz largely because I don`t see how curators/development/control/HER staff can be so under-resourced/funded to have such a serious impact upon the nature of our work and yet- they have (collectively) remained politely quiet about it for years. "Campaigns" require an organised provision of information to the public at large.Local Government staff work on behalf of said public-why have`nt they told them (loudly) and consistantly over the years? This is`nt a cheap dig at grown-ups by the way, I just don`t see it. HB is absolutely right- any campaign exposing the shameful way UK heritage is price-tagged and thrown to the wolves would be warmly welcomed by the public. Not sure about the tax issues though-would start another row!!Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
As much as i'd like to see such a proposal for £1 on council tax, I fear the political will (possibly read voters collective wallet) is currently non-existant: note the 1p on income tax to pay for education (as I recall) funding in the Lib Dem manifesto - present for several elections, now gone and not mentioned. No political slur or support intended by this, just a comment.

Troll - hope all well with you. Any chance of you joining the IFA as well as the NUS to start a student group?

still waiting for hands up for IFA applications - doesn't take long y'know...Wink

Desiderate le fritture con quello?
Hi Barnsey

I have been monitoring this thread for what seems like eternity - read all the arguments, enjoyed the "cut and thrust" of the debate but at the end of it all I will remain outside of the IFA (unless my employer demands that I join). I am still not convinced, predominately on the pay issue, and given my current career path I no longer find the IFA is relevant to the bulk of my day-to-day work.

That’s one response for you – hope you get more soon

Appreciate the response archaeophobe. I shall await (without holding breath) for further responses. I may while away a few moments tonight working out some suitably cynical options for a poll regarding IFA applications.

Desiderate le fritture con quello?
I do support the principle of grass-roots action to prevent the breach of standards, backed-up by IFA membership (at whatever level). However, I don't think we should place too much faith in the effectiveness of this type of action.

Published standards have to cover all situations, so they can never try to cover the details of what happens on-site. Instead, they deal mainly with aspects of project design and management, with post-fieldwork analysis/archiving and reporting, and the relationships between different parties.

The power to do something about standards within an individual project as it is in progress therefore lies mainly with those involved in these processes - consultants, curators, project managers and field officers. Site workers may be able to pick up gross breaches on site, or during post-ex, but I believe that such gross breaches are rare. More subtle breaches may be very hard for fieldworkers to detect, at least in a way that enables them to put their finger on a clause and say 'you have broken that rule'.


to let, fully furnished
Greetings sir.Again I must disagree in the strongest possible terms.The actions of consultants, curators, project managers and field officers are laid bare for all "site workers" as you choose to call them.In one sense, you are absolutely right-the people that you describe as having the "power to do something about standards" are those involved in the processes.Unfortunately, the group of people that you list are indeed the species that most require a kick in the arse.As is traditional in our "profession", it is the "site workers" who strive to maintain standards.This is largely because for the group of people that you list, professional standards are seen as a dirty by-word and an obstruction to a healthy profit margin.I am deeply sorry that you believe the incidence of "gross breaches" to be a rarity and am even more perplexed to hear thar you feel that subtle breaches would be undetected by fieldworkers. In reality, nearly every other project that I have taken part in has involved either major breaches of professional standards or a string of more subtle breaches.On every occasion without exception, the breaches (subtle or not) have been the exclusive feeding grounds of the people you list. Professional field archaeologists are a bit sick of being on the end of incompetant or contrived decisions made by people who claim to know what they are talking about.Field staff see the reality of the consequences of decisions made by the people in your list every day.The saddest thing about this is that no-one polices the muppetry so rampant amongst the group you describe. A workforce that all works to the standards and guidelines of the IFA would be quite capable (and extremely eager) to curb the behaviour of the grown-ups.Its about time someone did.

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Barnsey-apologies. As it happens, have just been asked to give a talk for the arch society of a well-known university.Is this the sort of thing you have in mind?Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
I just joined; at a corporate level though. After umming and ahing I thought I might as well give 'em a crack of the whip and see how they run. The main pro to joining was that you can't change anything from outside. I may end up leaving, bitter and resentful, but at least I will have had a look and maybe a go.

You act as if no field archaeologist ever produced less than perfection. There are poor individuals in all areas of archaeology. Plenty of non-site workers are striving to maintain standards and, sadly, plenty of site workers aren't.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by troll

Barnsey-apologies. As it happens, have just been asked to give a talk for the arch society of a well-known university.Is this the sort of thing you have in mind?Big Grin

No need to apologise, sorry if it came across in that way.

That is the sort of thing. The IFA has various special groups (finds, maritime etc), but not yet one for students. May be worth a punt when you've joined the fold.

Desiderate le fritture con quello?

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