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Visa renewal problem - the new point system
I think David there is also an extra 10 points to be gained under tier 2 if you have previous work experience or educational qualification in the UK....
Thanks... missed that!

still does not get us over the 70. unless people are coming as POs

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
"OR get archaeologists onto the shortage occupation list (adding 20 points ... BINGO)"
Unlikely, I feel. Clearly there is no shortage.
I do know someone who emigrated to Australia due to being in a shortage occupation. She created and restored furniture inlay and marquetry. However, the reason that it was a shortage occupation was that there was no bloody work. Now she drives a moxy the size of a house in a mine.

Clearly the way around these visa restrictions is to marry a Briton. Perhaps we need a BAJR International Matchmakers Consultancy.....
Having gone through this tedious and frustrating process myself and not being successful primarily due to bureaucratic and a half-hearted effort on the part of the hiring company, I will offer this caution. The Home Office is overwhelmed with applications and the new system has slowed things down even moreso. The process may well take much more time than stated and for that reason I would suggest that any action you take PaleoBones make sure you start the application process as soon as you possibly can. Do not be shy in your efforts with either your hiring company, the Home Office itself (there is limited access to information as to the status of your application during the process) and in fact the Home Office's understanding of archaeology in general as they are making determinations as to your abilities and experience without any (my asssessment) clue as to what an archaeologist's job entails. In that regard, it will be the prospective or willing employer whose job it will be to supply sufficient information (and it is an extensive form they must fill out thoroughly) for the Home Office to make a positive judgement.

I am glad to hear that you have found a legal way to extend your VISA, Paleobones. Good luck to all who 'throw their hat into the ring' at the Home Office.

Having looked at this I cant see any archaeological job being covered.

It has to be a permanent job and there has to be no suitablely qualified resident available for the job. This has to be tested on an individual case by case basis by advertising for the post. As archaeology is exceptionally over subscribed I simply cannot see how this will ever happen.

The whole basis of the system is to restrict migration to skilled workers in occupations where there is a shortage.

There are also an onerous set of responcibilities for the employer.

Finally there are controls to stop migrant labour under cutting local labour.


Ah... you liberals! Smile

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
I think this may all become moot if Gordon Brown's new legisltaion comes into force - especially if it is put into place on current and retrospective applicants (just like the car tax).

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