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Pay rate
Me too.
So, back to the point. There is an RAO advertising below IFA minimum. And the IFA response is......
An advert that I had real difficulty with as well.

I was half tempted to refuse it.... it does manage to meet (after some heavy duty calculations) the criteria. However, I do worry that other posts are below BAJR rates.... :face-thinks:

The IFA have been informed... and they have not responded. I am not the only person to contact them. Perhaps they are on holiday.

I will however make the prediction that the advert will appear in IFA job sheet.... they feel it is not their job to tell companies what to pay in adverts, though they will contact RAOs after the advert goes out.

Page 9 - IFA Applicants Handbook

One of the main distinctions between Practitioner and Associate level, for example, is a person's degree of dependence on supervisors. A PIFA will be under somebody else's management and be primarily responsible only for themselves and what they have been instructed to do by others, whereas an AIFA will work with a lot less supervision and have more independent responsibility, but still without being the one who is ultimately in charge. A Member (MIFA) is the person with whom ?the buck stops?, so to
speak, whether this means they are the head of an organisation, a highly experienced specialist, or the head of a team in charge of large-scale excavations, for example.

The IFA "payscales" are still as follows:
Advertisers are reminded of IFA recommended minimum starting salaries from 1 April 2007

* PIFA responsibilities ?14,197
* AIFA responsibilities ?16,536
* MIFA responsibilities ?21,412

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Still no reply...

However, we will find out today whether it was deemed fine for the JIS - even with prior information that it may fall short of IFA recommendations... Wink

I guess if it appears, it is saying... 'No problem there'

Update: the IFA are looking into it - asking for clarification.
Good news then...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
"The IFA does not control adverts that appear in the bulletin. However, if advertisements appear to offer rates of pay below the IFA recommended minima, or raise other issues of employment practice, the IFA will contact the advertising organisation and robustly address these issues." So says the IFA

Well that would explain why its in the Job Sheet.... perfectly entitled to put up anything they want of course... though is does beg the question of what is the IFA response to a council unit, who is tied to a council system of job evaluation, but is also an RAO ... which system outranks which? In a way it is not the Council Units fault.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Anyone heard on the grapevine whats happened to this one? Has someone been appointed?
The IFA are still looking into it... and are waiting for a reply last I heard.

However the IFA JIS did put up the 'supervisor' job. Which was a shame... given they are an RAO

I have to say that the contractor are looking at new job evaluations.. and as they are in a council are a bit ham strung.. However... perhaps I could cease to allow adverts up until such times as all staff are meeting the requirements. Please keep an eye on me.. as sometimes I do forget. I am willing to hold the line.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

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