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Bone Kickers
Wink oh Peter... you are awful... I do wonder why archaeologists were needed to advise when either so little archaeology is carried out.. or b) the archaeology that is carried out is er... cough... quite er.. different... ie... why use a mag geofizz device .. a metal detector would have been better.. imho

ps.. am working on a drinking game...

breasts or breast related incidents do feature quite heavily.. as do ominous pronouncements and odd archaeology.

They can dig a big trench pretty quick for 1 1/2 hours before the tide comes in.. [:0] no wonder developers think we can dig a roman fort is 2 days!

I think I know what Professor (whips hair in seductive manner) Magwilde is after!

Harmless entertainment.. but archaeology ... nah... go on...
chortle chortle...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
forgot to say... I have just had an underpant situation...

Just heard that a friend of mine (on another website) has been offered copies of the DVD set, to give away as prizes... can't understadn why they won't come here [:p]

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I do note that Britarchers can win these DVDs ... don't worry... BAJR won't accept sweeties from strangers! Smile

I love the kind way it is broached..

Quote:quote:As the new archaeological drama series 'Bonekickers' proves to be an interesting talking point across the archaeological world, there is still time to make your own exciting discovery this week, as National Archaeology Week

Yes to Archaeology week... but when you read the next post.. I fear that talking point might be too kind

That may be a bit harsh.. as it is a bit of a laugh, even if it's archaeology is perhaps, stretched tighter than Indiana Jones shorts...

I do look forward to the drinking game... if only it makes it to a second series!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I tried to be nice about it this week, so I won't say anything!

The repeat of the "Pompeii" Doctor Who on BBC3 earlier looked true-to-life in comparison.

maggie (Past Horizons Blog) has managed to sum it all up in 20 seconds..


"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Oh yeah! I had forgotten about Hull! How did they explain to the developer / consultant that they weren't going to check that the Holy Grail wasn't under the shopping centre they were about to build as they were too busy shovelling up bones in the Bristol Channel? :face-stir:

I have broken my promise not to be pedantic!

I also forgot to say earlier that I have it on good authority that "The IT Crowd" is quite true to life for computer help desk people, although they don't keep Goths in cupboards anymore.
I've been off the forum for a while so apologies if this has already been discussed or is posted somewhere else, but why is it called "Bonekickers"???

Didn't see it last night, but will later. Last weeks' was very funny - I wish these comedy shows would have the laughter track though, so I know I'm laughing in the right places. [xx(]
I read in an interview in the Indenpendent media section the other day that it was the writers made-up nickname for archaeologists.
Cheers Oxbeast!
This was an excellent episode. Much better than the first one. Bras, booze and paranoia about political correctness all bang on. Quite good archaeology too.

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