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MoLAS Strike
I was using a computer in my local library so didn't have enough time to explain properly.
At the moment commercial archaeology is like this; some units are registered with the IFA and some are not-those that are will (we hope) abide by the guidelines, do a proffessional job, treat their staff decently etc, and when not then there is a complaints procedure which would either see the problems dealt with or the unit suspended untill it is, unless the unit decides to leave and join the ranks of those who want nothing to do with the IFA.
For those units who are outside the Ifa, to whom can employees turn to for help if they are not in a onion? often the only solution is leave the unit and seek work elsewhere or put up with whatever the problem is-which helps no-one.
The only real solution that I can see (that is untill every unit that wants to work in commercial archaeology has to join (for example) the IFA,and agreeing to all prcedures) is for individuals to cover them selves by joining a union (i'm putting my money where my mouth is by applying to join Prspect),at least then people could get help when needed over disputes with their employer-and could go some way to stave off the need for strike.
Lets be honest with ourselves and admit that thanks to competitive tendering our proffession is much divided against itself and that weakens our position for everyone.
Oxbeast "cant win so dont try"? never! to many good people give up and the proffession loses out.

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