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Current Arch Poll on Community Arch
This old chestnut keeps on raising its head!

I firmly believe that as archaeology was generated by the people it is a 'public resource'. As a profession we have seen huge benefits from the publics desire to absorb our heritage. OK we all may scoff at some of the silly questions asked on open days, but if wasn't for the pressure from the public would planners be so keen to place archaeological conditions on sites? (esp with a global loaming)

I don't know the percentages involved, but i suspect - from personnel involvement, that very few of the watching public have the time or interest to take part in fieldwork or research. This leaves the retired market (an untapped market) and the youth (our ranks have to be replenished from somewhere!)

We all question the professionalism and quality of amateurs ! This is a very real concern and one that needs to be addressed! But by the same token we have some very bad archaeologists working within the profession (at all grades). One MIFA who has bounced from unit to unit (and will not be employed again by said companies) is currently a project manager for a unit in the south-east! He/she has been known to machine through solid roman walls on a training excavation (when meant to training individuals!) Another individual, whom is recently a regular on this forum has no understanding of basic stratigraphy - and will only be employed by a single unit.

Wasn't there, a while back an attempt by an individual to set up an IFA special interest group into this very subject? The last i read on this, was that it had been successful in it's formation. However, it is not listed on the IFA website, nor is the individual a member ??? It strikes me that such a group is VITIAL and long over due.

Come on, it is vital that public archaeology continues, we all started with a amateur interest! To alienate them will be at the detriment to the profession. Sure it needs some work - but to quote our host if a job is worth doing.....

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Current Arch Poll on Community Arch - by BAJR Host - 29th February 2008, 10:46 AM

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