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What would eh know about buying land for development?

Quote:In some urban locations, particularly towns and smaller cities, development economics have
in the past encouraged developers to propose schemes which retain the archaeological sites
beneath them from the outset. This is because the potential cost of excavation and post-excavation
of large quantities of archaeological material may be greater than the funds available.

Whilst such a ‘lowest cost’ option might initially seem to be attractive, it is essential that the
significance of archaeological deposits and their state of preservation are fully understood,
and harm adequately assessed. This provides sufficient information for decision-taking, and
helps to minimise the risk of unexpected impacts and costs later in the process.

Apart from eh pretending that this is "publication", why dont they just produce it as webpages, my beef with eh's attempts to claim authority over field archaeology is that the clients that I would prefer are ones that come to me before the land is purchased, compulsorily or other wise, mostly because costs could be presented to both the vendor and all potential buyers that should be reflected and defined in the purchase price. Eh popping up with advice after some poor mug has bought a pup is not only plain stupid I think that eh is in collusion with the vendors to maximise their profits from the sale of the land and compensation in cases of compulsory purchase and leaves the archaeological assets as liabilities to the development.

The vendors are the original owners of the archaeology, they should pay a fair contribution from their profits of its sale for it. At a practical level archaeological assessment should be part of the property searches and a matter of conveyance if not indemnity insurance. Buyers should insert claw backs for the archaeology from the sellers.
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What would eh know about buying land for development? - by Marc Berger - 11th November 2016, 01:17 PM

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