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Predictions for 2016...
Prediction for 2016...

From April I predict you will see more G2 jobs at 18k plus. as companies vie to attract staff ( remember that salary is only one thing that is a benefit. see holidays, security, pension accommodation on away jobs etc as additional benefits.)
The supervisor and Project Officer is now rarer than a conservative MP in Scotland. So be prepared to see a shift in this place too. If Diggers are on over 18k. then a supervisor ( with the added responsibility should now be looking at 21k plus and a (good) PO would be mad to work for anything less than 26k

Indeed Rubicon and Cotswolds recent adverts show the trend for larger companies to pay more and provide more benefits is not impossible in todays climate. more work... not enough staff....
Rubicon are paying currently £ 21,359 to 23,000 for Supervisor level and £27, 607 to £30,434 for POs

Cotswold's are not far behind with POs getting a raft of benefits and £23,727 - £29,133 Diggers are on £18,147 - £18,709
The poor Project Manager is in a high stress poor return position currently, with the step up of responsibility really needing a larger salary ( believe me... PMs... you may think we were fat arsed desk jockeys. but hells teeth it is a tough life... causing me one nervous breakdown!)

Anyway... will I be right? or wrong? Is this the time.. to push forward?

What do you think

OR will we kick ourselves in the goolies again!

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