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Predictions for 2016...
Job-title -creep.

So from 7 levels of there are ten even though the first level has been dropped and you find yourself on a site with three of them. Its not a proper job is it?

The first levels up to 3/4 like to use the word "work" a lot. This expectance is then thoroughly dropped from the rest of the levels. From the level 3 the phrase "chosen field" creeps in and refuses to leave until level 7 which takes the biscuit and stands alone as "Professional" with the self employed distinction of "Will have financial responsibility of whole function"

What is "chosen field" Is it something that I should ask the other three? No? How about "are you on a Zero hour contract?" And if they wont tell you, you will soon work it out by the amount of creeping going on.

Hosty are you better off being self employed or being on a Zero hour contract?
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