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Predictions for 2016...
What exactly is a 'Project Officer'? - there used to be Site Directors, who directed and got all the glory, and Site Supervisors who as far as possible ignored them and did all the digging/recording, and often wrote most of the report too. When did the bastardised role of best/worst-of-both-worlds POs first creep in to the scheme of things, and was it just a money-saving/profit-maximising scam? I notice POs now seem to be expected to fulfil the old 'Site Director' role while they now have 'supervisors' working for them (a few years back that was their role). Definitely a case of job-title-creep. If POs are becoming de facto Site Directors they could at least give them the title even if not the wages.

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Predictions for 2016... - by BAJR - 24th March 2016, 06:42 PM
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Predictions for 2016... - by BAJR - 29th March 2016, 05:38 PM

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