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THe BAJR Grand tour
I will be gathering more of this data.

Which looks at both the community benefits and the developer benefits.

Archaeology as a "good thing" as opposed to an impediment/unwelcome tax/redtape/cost implication/site closure etc. Negative reinforcement of what archaeology "is" even communities often use archaeology not for a positve goal, but as a crowbar for stopping a development. We have to get away from the apologetic we do archaeology for insert trope..... and be confident on the positive - real and tangible aspects of archaeology ... Been collecting several examples of where archaeology is either a positive benefit OR that compalints that archaeology held up a development OR cost teh developer mone OR that archaeology costs were crippling a development are quite frankly not true, but used as a smokescreen for other issues. And don't even get me started on the Client confidentiality block on any news coming out/ I mean STOP... just stop for a moment and ask how exactly the discovery of a field system and Roman kiln would harm the developers chances of continuing.! I mean really.. FFS. WE have to work together to promote archaeology as a development/community/academic benefit.

I will be off for my dried frog medicine now. but I tell you... as you drive up and down the country... you sure have plenty of time to think!

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THe BAJR Grand tour - by BAJR - 27th January 2015, 08:48 PM

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