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Archaeology in Schools
Dirty Boy Wrote:Hi everyone!

Have recently left the world of archaeology to train to become a primary school teacher!

I'm looking to run a number of archaeology classes and was looking for some advice from you learned chaps and chappesses

1. Lots of children regularly ask 'How did did it end up becoming buried?' How would you answer that one, especially out in the fields?

2. I've moved to Scotland and am trying to enhance my finds handling collection that I've built over the years (legitimately from discards mind!) with (mainly metalwork) bits such as coins, brooches, shot, etc. that I used to have access to through my unit but can't access any more. I don't want to buy off Ebay/antique shops as I provenance the material and Scotland don't have the PAS - does anyone have any bright ideas?

Thanks in advance! :face-approve:

For #2 Archaeology Scotland are a good bet to get in contact with Also speak to Units (e.g. CFA, Headland, GUARD and AOC) if they have any discards you could have. Local HER/Archaeologists are a good bet, probably not HS or RCAHMS as much.

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Archaeology in Schools - by Dirty Boy - 16th September 2014, 10:15 PM

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