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AJR baiting If scotland floats towards iceland will this be the end of ukip and bajr?
Marc Berger Wrote:isn't the likelihood that once independent the Scots are going to have to purge themselves of those who might not have wanted independence, so anybody holding on to any British sentimentality are going to be sitting ducks. Imagine having to live the rest of your life having voted against independence surrounded by people who are going to have to get it written in their history books that the British period was not good. Maybe hosty should change it now to the Not United kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. NUKGBIAJR. Still cant help feeling that the real Scots will not want the B in there, bit of a roman term and the romans never made it over the wall into scottland. could try England Ireland Scotland Wales combinations there of. sweiajr, wsieajr.... wiseajr

Well they really did make it into Scotland, and around Scotland, and left a lot of remains in Scotland. Just not villas.

I don't like your implication that "real Scots" will be those voting yes...

I think archaeologically, independence will mean very little, if any, difference to how heritage operates in the UK currently. HS (soon to be HES) will provide the legislation in Scotland, EH in England, Cadw in Wales. Units will be able to operate cross-border as will researchers.

Where the issues lie will be in things such as HLF funding and AHRC grants.

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