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Is it an Arched trench or a very smelly wet church. Blame the Aussies
Has anybody come across a septic system called Trench Arch

Its specifications, if that's what you can call them seem to originate from this document they seem to treat archaeology as a problem.

and this Cumbrian trust seem to want to advertise its use in Gloucester which is a bit odd

I rang some of these people up, unfortunately a few have passed away but some said that they did not have trench arch and others seem to have been piped into the mains. I got through to one which was put into a Victorian chapel and was told it was alright as nobody had used it.

and then there is this obscure mob who have written this
Quote:The provision of toilets or kitchen facilities will require water, drainage and ventilation. A prior archaeological assessment will usually be required in order to establish the impact of such installations. Subject to archaeological advice, these should be routed underground rather than directly through walls. The use of composting or macerating lavatories can remove or reduce the need for drainage trenches. In rural buildings where use is not heavy and where space allows, the Trench Arch system can avoid deep excavation and complex drainage.
which they proudly produced in this document. I did try finding out who the particular author was but got bounced around until I felt a bit uninvited. I could not find anybody who would call themselves an archaeologist who had looked at this system.

I think that it is a basic soak away except its full of shit that they imagine will never need emptying as it will disappear by biological activity, and they will put it right by the tower if not in front of the entrance and put the bog in the tower. The premise is that it will not get used very much-much less even than a family house, but its nice to have a toilet that is disable friendly and be part of a facility that is designed to facilitate over a hundred or two people at a single sitting. Apart from a certain anxiety that putting mains water into an unheated, prone to vandalism, isolated building is asking for serious water damage, my concern is that no work what so ever should be done by/through a church tower with just a watching brief as the mitigation, or that putting any type of hole through ancient foundations which all show evidence of movement is very clever, but I particularly think that no archaeologist could seriously say that the change in the hydrology around the soak away will not have serious consequences for the preservation of your average dark age cemetery although they are rather two a penny I suppose just by church entrances. I also would not want any future job of digging near one.

The ecumenical powers seem to be able to get these things put in because the environment agency/defra have thrown the rules away on registering septic tanks or even what a septic tank/pool is and since the new single government web portal its almost impossible to work out who is in charge but there is this which seems to fit the bill.

What I have found most intriguing is trying to work out who devised the beloved English Heritage term Trench Arch (I presume that they will have an official glossary and thesaurus in which it will be data based). The answer seems to be that its was cleverly coined from the generic "Arched trench".
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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Is it an Arched trench or a very smelly wet church. Blame the Aussies - by Marc Berger - 24th June 2014, 03:54 PM

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