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OASIS Database
There are some things that can slow up reports on OASIS.

Some counties insist that reports are initially submitted as drafts and only get uploaded to OASIS after the development control officer has accepted them. This can sometimes lead to quite a long delay, especially if both parties inadvertently forget that things haven't been finalised.

Also I think that during the submission process it is possible to request delays of various periods before the report is made publicly accesible.

Another issue is that after submission the report is not made public until it has been validated by the HER. In some cases this seems not to happen for a very long period, if ever.

So it is possible that reports have been or will be submitted to OASIS but they aren't visible even after quite a period, I'm not saying that this it true in this particular instance but it means that you can't tell.

downtoearth Wrote:I always thought it was required, if not good practice, to post grey literature reports on the ADS OASIS site. However, there seems to an increasing number of companies not fulfilling this practice. Fair enough if projects are still ongoing and open to tender but in general we all undertake archaeology to provide a resource for all.Most notablly a newbie company in bedfordshire "D? archaeology has just become an RAO after just one year? Fantastic going, but none of their reports have been posted on OASIS? (again a requirement, I thought, of most briefs).This puts those companies religously posting on the ADS site at a distinct disadvantage we are revealing our clients, research and projects to competators.Can anyone clarify this situation?

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