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Research Beyond Mitigation and Universities: Maximising the Impact of Community
'Were the other sessions much different?' -Yeah- depended on the session. There was an illustrators session, which as you might guess was full of illustrators. I was in another session on international collaborative projects which had universities, commercial units, individuals, etc. It really did depend on the topic. You can get an idea of the diversity from the programme-

"It sounds like you did it on your own volition.' - yep I have been doing it for a few years now at some of the events I attend. Still learning the tricks of the trade but the videos are getting better.

'A little more professionalism and /feedback and the ifa could produce these videos (possibly in real time/daily) and get a feedback forum-questions and answers going with the presenters-video conference of the conference.' yes, experimented with this for the TACOS workshop in york about a month ago. (improved sound for most of it) you can see the edited video here- Pat was handling the online system/forum but we had about 15-30 people participating remotely/virtually. They could and did ask questions using the system and twitter. It was streamed live- though there was a problem with the sound for the first presentation (learning experience)- minus that the live streaming went pretty well. It did not have the red carpet or awards but along the lines of what you were talking about.

'You should be paid to get it going.'- that would be the dream. I am more than willing to teach anyone the required skills and share my experiences.

'Doug are have you got your video out for the next algao swanee?'- there was talk of me doing it a year ago but nothing happened. Reminds me I should follow up on that.

'Thanks for posting Doug, good to catch up on the ones I missed!'- glad you find them useful.

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