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Research Beyond Mitigation and Universities: Maximising the Impact of Community
Community archaeology and regional research: who's best placed to deliver?


David Strachan - Community archaeology and regional research: who's best placed to deliver?

A 'third sector' local charity with a remit covering historic buildings and archaeology, Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust has, over the last decade, delivered a series of community archaeology projects devised to explore regional research objectives not addressed through academia or development-led archaeology. Working with community groups, commercial organisations and government agencies, at a local, regional and national level, these projects have varied hugely in terms of funding and delivery models. Exploring topics as varied as monumental Iron Age roundhouses to early medieval turf-built longhouses, they have already added significantly to our understanding of the archaeology of the region. At a time of significant change in the configuration of the sector in Scotland, this talk will explore important themes for the next decade: who is 'the community'? who should decide what they do? and who should fund and facilitate it?

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