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Hastings in Wrong place and English Heritage have bottled it!
On a slightly different tack but sorta related.....last week there was a news story that archaeologists had 'discovered' Britain's oldest town was now Amesbury and not Thatcham..... I was expecting an immediate response to this story based upon English Heritage's concept of what both 'oldest' and 'town' means, but so far have heard nothing (at least through official channels)...meanwhile Historic Scotland, who once touted Dreghorn as Britain's 'oldest continuously occupied community', also kept their powder dry......

Point is that many of the 'precisions' of archaeology are oft overlooked by historians seeking to advance a theory and archaeologists often reach for a superlative when quiet confidence would suffice. Both groups should be constantly reminded of two things, especially applicable to the case of the Missing Battlefield of Hastings.... absence of evidence does not in any instance constitute evidence of absence....and one date does not always make a happy marriage!!
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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