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Wessex grasp the nettle of non-Digital Photographic sustainability
they don't seem to have heard of video.

Initial scan of the documents suggests that they don't like apple which gets them top marks in my book but they don't reference any reasons for their standard settings. Cant help getting the feeling that the table at the end was produced by somebody who knew that they were on a hiding to nothing and the rest was written by a management who haven't got much of a maths background.
"images must be 1200 pixels along longest edge and images must have a resolution of 720dpi" well we are now in HD and what does it all add up to if you take two frames of video on section-does that equate to double the resolution when added together.

So if you live in Scotland grab yourself an HD video and start digging, you do not need any context / graphic sheets, indexes, K1000s, something called film, 6h pencils, permatrace,...luckily for hosty you will still need a lot of the hardware for digging (although will you need a level?) . Obviously when independence comes you will need a graduate qualification in archaeology from a certified university to use the video in the presence of any excavating archaeology.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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