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Proposed Budget Cuts to Archives and Heritage in Northamptonshire
BTW; spot on Dino:

"The County Council reduced the archaeology service significantly in 2003 and again in 2006, 'resulting' in a sharp fall in the number archaeological investigations requested in advance of new developments.
In response tolocal and national pressure the council reinstated the service in 2009/10 and the number of planning applications with identified archaeological implications[SUB][SIZE=4]ROSE [/SIZE][/SUB]by approximately 80% [!!!!]( "

hmm...unless there were major diffrences in the areas/types of development coinciding very neatly with funding patterns between those years - + assuming the heritage rersources are in fact static and not gone walk-a-bout- this seems like a substantive case to add to wider arguments...

(a thought...are the statstics collected the same between those years?any other factors like thtat to consider?)

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