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Chartered Archaeologists are to be a reality
Steve H Wrote:....staff would have a good working knowledge of their local archaeology...

...which patently won't happen when the 4 or 5 left standing start to have to venture off their home turf... bet BAJR wouldn't be so enthusiastic if he got transferred to an office in Cornwall to make full use of his local knowledge, for instance... archaeology outside southern England will just slide back into the dark ages due to lack of big-money big money projects to attract the attention of the big boys, little resource will be 'wasted' on small budget, low profile stuff 'oop norf' an inconvenient drive past Watford Gap, whereas at present standards elsewhere are to at least some extent propped up by local knowledge and enthusiasm (like BAJR's). Steve H, like the county units idea, and maybe a non-profit making Central Unit to pick up the bits that fall through the cracks...hey, didn't we once have something like that before people started trying to get rich from archaeology?

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Chartered Archaeologists are to be a reality - by BAJR - 12th February 2014, 02:16 PM

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