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Alice Roberts says no to teaching creationism in our schools!
We are products of our biology and what we are taught, the two are not separate. Our brains are wired to be able to deal with extreme abstract concepts if we are given the models. Look what happens when that wiring goes wrong or the models are not provided. The brain that can handle theoretical physics is the same brain that deals with complex mythologies and theology.

Yes we need to teach our youngsters to take on board new and strange ideas and question them whilst being flexible in their thinking but don't be surprised if they go in directions we would not consider.

GK mentioned repatriation. And everyone has avoided it. So here goes, the dead are dead their remains are little more than decaying organic matter that needs to be disposed of. Display in a museum or elsewhere is a convenient and educational means of disposal. recycling as an edible product might be even more useful in certain parts of the world. Stand back and wait for s... to hit fan.

I may add this is not my personal belief as I accept that the community that the dead person comes from have a full and unambiguous right to decide on the disposal of the body including repatriation. But of course there is no way of "proving" that they have that right.

And why does particle physics and Big Bang Theory (there was nothing then bang there was everything) make any more sense than unknowable being snaps fingers and voila. Except of course maths and measurable physical phenomena (which can change through the act of being observed) currently point in one direction rather than the other.

The world is changing especially with the net and the toy box is open to all who can get their hands on a connection. There are a lot of ideas out there having their inch but how many will take the mile? Why should we be afraid of what are increasingly minority views in a world that is on the threshold of an information explosion inconceivable 20 years ago (before the WWW). There will be small groups who hang onto their entrenched views but it is a last ditch in front over an overwhelming tide (or the fall of civilisation depending on where you standSmile)

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