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Development next to the Prittlewell burial site
BAJR Wrote:To be fair to the Forum... the question was asked... the question was answered. to be fair to Redexile... it was answered with a sniff....

I guess that is being polite to me....actually being sniffy wasn't my intention, but if the cap fits I'll take it.

My problem wasn't with the question per se, but with the manner it was asked. I know that Redexile has in previous posts spoke of their 30 odd years in the profession...much the same as me. I would imagine that someone with that amount of experience would know where publicly accessible information on the background to an excavation or evaluation was likely to be lodged and as I said a very quick search of the Southend council web-site led me to it in less than 2 minutes....repeating the 'libel' implied in the original article and mentioning the name of the unit involved, seemed to me to be just a little provocative. The question could have been asked in a more subtle manner.....and yes I agree it could have been answered in a more subtle manner as well.

So sorry all round for my part in this misadventure......mea culpa!!
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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