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Bizarre ditch question time.
Quote:Iron Age enclosures (and modern fields), the outer edges of the ditches usually have a shallower profile than the inner edges, presumably cos the cattle could only get in from the outer edge (evidence for hedges?)

basically vegetation with deep roots can stabilise the side of a ditch quite quickly and treading and grazing can reduce the stabilisation effect of vegetation and lead to rapid erosion. Add in a little north south eas and west and no two sides of a ditch are likely to be the same to start with and so suffering these different conditions makes it impossible that two sides of a ditch will end up the same. Which is why I always record/interpret mine as u shaped or v shaped with a bit of fandango on one side or the other depending on your point of view......
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Bizarre ditch question time. - by Tool - 14th September 2013, 08:27 PM

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