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New Generation Special Interest Group
Pottery_Ben Wrote:Hi everyone,
I guess this arose from my post on the other thread, which I didn't get a chance to follow up on.
A few key points about what the group is about:
-First of all Membership of the New Generation Special Interest Group is open to anyone who is interested in the future of the archaeological profession; in sharing their wisdom, experience and skills; or in developing their own skills and career. Obviously the core of our membership are early carrer people and many of these will be young, but that is not always the case, and we are keen to hear from those entering the profession in other ways than straight from an archaeology degree.
-In a nutshell, my view is that the IfA bursary scheme (and other similar schemes) have done a very good job at for helping a small number of people, but it seemed unfair that these opportunities were limited. Therefore (minus the job of course!) we are trying to come up with ways that mentoring and training in particular are available to all trying to forge a career in archaeology. There will always be an element of having to help yourself to get on, but that is easier with a support network in place.
-We are here to advocate on behalf of IfA, but also to the IfA hierarchy, which will be easier as the organisation of council changes and group representatives get a seat at the table. We realise we can't change the world, but we do aim to have a role in helping the profession adapt to change and shape its own future, particularly by looking ahead at what challenges we may all face going forward.

At the last IfA conference we held a very positive event at which we asked people a number of questions - what do they want from IfA? How can we as a group and they as individuals shape the profession? What is holding people back? Interestingly the most common answers to the last question were along the lines of the unwillingness of managers to change, support career progression and the general aura of negativity emitted by some more experienced colleagues... We are trying to do something positive, whether or not it will work is another question, but we intend giving it a good go!

We have a short piece in the next edition of The Archaeologist, but the result of our event is an action plan which is as follows:

Short Term Goals

  • Begin a programme of training events (focussed on transferable, professional skills).
  • Organise a session at the 2014 IfA conference showcasing the work of the new generation.
  • Develop social media strategy and launch this as a platform for advocacy and communication
  • Work towards developing a pool of mentors for early career archaeologists, working alongside the Pathway to PIfA scheme.
Medium Term Goals

  • Pilot a work shadowing/work experience programme.
  • Work with universities to create opportunities for NGSIG members to advise students on professional archaeology and act as advocates for IfA.
  • Support IfA in move to chartership, pathway to PIfA project and exploration of non-degree routes into the profession, including apprenticeships.
Long Term Goals

  • Work with universities to organise an archaeology careers fair.
  • Produce helpsheets highlighting the kinds of experience and qualification which might be required for particular careers within the heritage sector.
  • Work with partners across the profession, and within other professional institutions, to address the big challenges facing the profession in the coming decades.

Hopefully that clears up some of your queries, please get in touch with us if you would like to help or get involved!

i didnt go to your stand in birmingham mainly because you sounded like a bad 70s ballad band - now i wish i did - well done
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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