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New crime thriller about an archaeologist called Alan Cadbury by Francis Pryor
Do you recognise this man?

Quote:Alan Cadbury is a professional archaeologist: a digger of ancient sites and a man who likes to unravel the mysteries and meaning of the past. Most of the sites he dug were ahead of industrial development or new housing estates, gravel quarries, roads, etc. The people who did the work were down-to-earth. Some were students, others were professional diggers – but they all knew what they wanted from life and were prepared to work long hours, for very low pay. In the seventies to nineties, Alan and his colleagues lived in abandoned houses or camped out on the edges of industrial estates. They were always covered in mud, were deeply suntanned and drunk (or stoned) on their days off. They were feared by respectable citizens. They were known as Circuit Diggers because they worked the 'circuit', moving from one excavation to another, as new sites were opened, right across Britain.
Like others on the circuit, Alan Cadbury is obsessive: he won’t let problems lie, even when he’s slumped drunk in a lonely bedsit, somewhere in the Fens. But there’s another side to him, too: he enjoyes solving mysteries.

New crime thriller about an archaeologist called Alan Cadbury by Francis Pryor. This book has embraced crowd-funding internet publishing where authors need to raise a specified number of subscribers at various rates to have the book published (450 to go!). Pledge levels start at £10 for the e-book.

Go on.. have a look and either pledge, chuckle or gasp.. or all three.. or none.. :face-huh:

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New crime thriller about an archaeologist called Alan Cadbury by Francis Pryor - by BAJR - 15th February 2013, 01:07 PM

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