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IfA Minima Debate - THE RESULT
should be called You must be a professional if you get paid a salary con.

Quote:Either way, you need to start with an assessment of how much annual income you want/need, and divide it by how many days per year you are likely to work, to establish your ideal day rate.

Theres already an evaluation structure which is supposed to be used for tendering which I thinks splits what work needs to be done up a bit. I imagine that evaluation work should have a length and number of trench and type of expected archaeology approach and post evaluation work should have a price based on the evaluation. I think that if a SE digger gets an excavation job they should be agreeing to prices on what the evaluation says to expect. At the moment all of these aspects of field work are hidden from SE diggers by adverts which just advertise a salary figure for some short employment contract reinforced by some pay minima or not. From these adverts theres a good chance that you would not know if you were going to do excavation, fieldwalking, evaluations or mixtures of them all for different developers on different sites. To my mind if you did end up doing combinations of any of theses "jobs" you would very quickly have hosty and any employment agency as well as most importantly the tax man saying that you are not self employed. To my mind if you go self employed and if the industry wants self employeds you have to insiste that the job is at a specific site to do a defined thing (which I woud suggest is to provide copyrightable information centred around paper based records) and invoice accordingly.

It would be helpful to SE diggers if archaeology jobs were not salary based and if they were related to specific sites. It would also be helpful if those people doing adverts were seen as agents of the developer. What we need is a market for what diggers do.
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IfA Minima Debate - THE RESULT - by BAJR - 31st January 2013, 01:31 PM

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