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2013 BAJR Grades
The IfA are currently looking at their Pay Minima for 2013/14

And they need replies from RO postholders as well as members.

Their current rates are
PIfA responsibilities ?15,836
AIfA responsibilities ?18,445
MIfA responsibilities ?23,844

The BAJR Equivalents

G2 : (ie Basic Site Assistant) ?16,018.73 (?308.05 pw)
G4 : (ie Technical 2 or Supervisor )?18,657.84 (?358.81 pw)
G 5/6 : (ie Senior Specialist, Senior Project Officer or Junior Project Manager) ?24,159.43

Now here is the bit... I want your views

Cost of Living stands at 1.7%

BUT I am committed ( as the IfA were) from the Pay debate back in 2008 to increase and try and close the gap with other professions... in some cases as great as 30% + BAJR has year on year increased incrementaly, and as yet I don't see any great collapse

However, push too hard and there may be consequences.

The IfA are looking at a freeze - a 1.7% rise and an above inflation rise. ( plus some other benefit add ons, that very rarely apply to site staff... pensions normally kick in long after you have left the site)

For myself there are only two options... A cost of living rise ( 1.7% ) meaning you effectively are poor at the same rate... OR a 2% rise... which means you are a little better off .

OR should I go crazy? and opt for a 3.5 %

Here are the results...

  • NO CHANGE: ?16,018.73 (?308.05 pw)
  • 1.7% (cost of Living) ?16291.05 (?313.28 pw) extra ?5.23 per week
  • 2% Above Inflation ?16,338.36 (?314.21 pw) extra ?6.16 per week
  • 3.5% Bridging the gap ?16579.38 (?318.83 pw) extra ?10.70 per week
This is for the those who are on the lowest wage level. the higher you go, the more the change would be... of course...

There is another option as well...

A differential percentage increase across the grades. though to be fair. the middle grades are the ones that suffer from professional salary gap.

Think about this one... and rather than just opt for Top rate... think about the consequences... think about the options.. and think about the future.

Think also about supporting the Diggers Forum, who in turn will ( I hope) support BAJR. I am no dictator ( though sometimes it would be easier that way!) and most companies already - by and large - already pay on or over the BAJR Grade minima.

Talk about it... and this will also go out to companies for thoughts - once this is better understood.



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