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Degrees, careers and finances
Go through any of the documents relating to Archaeological graduate employment opportunities and there is a distant fanciful element to them.

It’s all in the pipeline, but for years these things were being portrayed by recruitment advisors and it seems no one pointed out that the profession does not and continued not to represent the realities of the profession, up until my awareness ceased.

I say this though, whilst I remember seeing large numbers of people goinginto particular sector areas because they had career structure, but that was still working upon the isolationist positioning (largely relating to limited ethical discussions, of commonality and stress load comparisons)

As for external employment opportunities, if it wasn't for the Arab Springin highlighting the impact of social media and other potential social sciences (hokum) then it seems that it’s really a profession for identity diversification and the financially self sufficient, instead of actually observing therelevance of the applications.

The applications of the skill base has been difficult to get any measure of discussion on, with the motivation relating to career development mostly being fixated upon ?500 pay rise criterions.

It got rather tedious being informed of over complications, but logisticalstreamlining has evidently not presented a prepared career path foundation aside from the classic starvation 'hypothesis' with selective feeding/breeding (as a Neolithic repertoire revolution).

I just remember a cartoon stipulating 'welcome to the Neolithic revolution'.Crass with a bad taste in the current situation.

Likewise a ladder determined by Iron Age territory modelling for warlord based conflicts.

Among the plethora of cognitive mnemonically classifications for Block's quantifiable characterisation into determinative GIS programming territoreality.

Don't worry about not having, or getting into, work.

Assess the skills, identify skill applications and crack on.

The fact is the workload cracked it, and the subsequent subjective skill and training panics, maintain interest diversity towards the lack of coherence, that determines the need for university based qualitative workforce character.

I'd call it market force swamping, with or without the m.

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Degrees, careers and finances - by Bonesgirl - 30th May 2012, 10:59 AM

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