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Degrees, careers and finances
Quote:I've seen CVs from people who have spent their twenties gaining a series of ever more impressive qualifications, who are trying to get their first real job in their 30s. Don't get me wrong, I'm hugely envious of anyone who's been able to afford to do this, but I always get the impression that such highly-qualified people view commercial archaeology as something of a last resort
Personally I'm clinging to studying simply because there are no commercial jobs available to me, as I have no way of getting the commercial experience necessary for a look-in. I don't argue that this is unfair - given the number of highly-experienced unemployed archaeologists already out there, it's a logical situation.

Just don't mistake my academic trajectory for work-avoidance - there's nothing I'd like better than a paid job in archaeology. However I've just picked the wrong time and am about five years too late. The best I can hope for is to carry on studying and volunteering, gaining non-commercial experience and making contacts, in the hope that things eventually pick up in the job market and that these may one day count in my favour.

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Degrees, careers and finances - by Bonesgirl - 30th May 2012, 10:59 AM

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