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A taste of things to come
Quote:[SIZE=3]How many objections to your shoddy archaeological consideration' does the planner have to receive to realise that you're not actually an archaeologist, but a bought stooge? If a local resident[/SIZE][SIZE=3]with no archaeological background objects is this enough to counter the so called'archaeological consideration' produced by a the stooge? [/SIZE]

I don?t know, lets pick a trigger- one. That seems to be what happened at Walthamstow dogs. I imagine that this is what the case officers do with objections. This document has a flow chart that shows that five objections and the application goes off to the planning committee.

I think that I could think up a shoddy fee to argue the shoddy consideration shoddily in front of my democratic planning committee. Most areas of Britain now have a legacy of sites of archaeological mitigation over the last decade that could / would be used to guide the arguments. Obviously it would not get this far because I would already be a member of the case officers golf party.

Come across this 2008 report, it talks about accredited agents, it does suffer from the paradigm of it will all be over by Christmas.

[SIZE=3]"We also strongly encourage local authorities not to make any dramatic reductions in the number of planning staff in reaction to the changing economic conditions, but instead to refocus resources on reorganisation, to deliver a more positive and proactive approach to development management, and on the preparation of the Local Development Framework, and, in particular, the core strategy, where this has not already been completed.This will ensure that local planning authorities are in a good position to [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]respond to the recovery when it arrives, to the benefit of all." [/SIZE]

And this is precisely what has happened they are all still there. Going by 2006-7 application rates I don?t think that two thirds of the current advisors can justify their jobs. The report has this enigmatic statement

Quote:[SIZE=3]Archaeology ? why does this need to be controlled through planning and not through another separate licensing regime?[/SIZE]
Reason: your past is my past

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