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DigVentures Questions Answered. Interview with Henry Rothwell
Thought bajr was bored with this topic, tried reading the "interview"

picked up on this

Quote:Our project is set within Flag Fen Archaeology Park ? a visitor attraction
managed on behalf of Peterborough City Council by Vivacity. Everyone is doing a
sterling job up there ? but, like any other public facility, it needs
continuous investment

looked up Vivacity - the public facility

got my hopes up when I came accross this

but then found the bizzar no hope framework

and noted that they have not yet issued accounts and could find none for PETERBOROUGH CULTURAL AND LEISURE TRUST or any related trust then got this

Quote:The council will contribute ?4.51m to the trust's proposed ?4.78m budget, although this amount is only guaranteed for a year.
without the accounts I cant work out the pension scam (sorry, sorry, sorry old habits) which kinda begs whats the point. Suppose we could ask who owns the land/archaeology which digventure want to dig and add that I could dig it for about ?5000 all on my own so why are they making such a song and dance about it all, presumably thats what you have to do to do crowd funding, cant say I like the term, I presume its like selling tickets for some entertainment so its another archaeology is time team event for individuals living in the longtail. I wonder what the market in the longtail is for bits of bronze age wood is, or what the cost per gram is to preserve the stuff plus turn it into a bangle. Still the offer stands, I will do the "Job" for ?5000 and that includes making the trinkets although I would probably go down the encasing them in epoxy resin route, add a chain, show CLASP how its done.
Reason: your past is my past

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